Experimenting New Style


I am trying out mixing traditional media with digital media. I love the look of traditional media, but I have not much of confidence in working with it. I love the hand drawn feeling and imperfections that comes naturally in traditional media. In digital painting, even by using texture, there is a predictable look which I personally don't like. So I thought of experimenting. I have always loved and felt more attached to colour pencils. Though very recently I came to know about the difference between Watercolor pencils and the normal colour pencils. While the former is water based, the later is wax based.  Maybe that is the reason when I was using watercolor pencils without water, the layering of colours didn't happen. The colours got saturated after applying twice or thrice.

For the above hedgehog image, I used wax based student grade Faber Castell colour pencils. Then I scanned those and used it Photoshop. I played with Layer transparency mode to get this effect. I personally am loving it. Need to practice more.

Below is the colour pencil sketch.

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