Resilient Roots

Bonbibi is worshipped by everyone residing in Sundarbans irrespective of religious belief. She is believed to save people from being killed by tigers. The name Sundarban is believed to have come from Sundari trees, the large mangrove trees that are most plentiful in this area.

The mangroves are crucial to our existence. The complex web of roots that these trees have are fundamental to save coastal lines from cyclones. Cyclone Amphan has taught us it's high time we wake up to help save these trees. While watching documentary films on Sundarbans, I felt Bonbibi symbolises nature.

Here Bonbibi is depicted as a girl facing the raging sea and turbulent thunderstorm, while the mangroves fight with all their might, holds on to the soil.

Some of the images that helped me as reference are below.

Since I have never seen Mangroves, I collected photos and read blogs to have an understanding of the structure of those trees. Also I wanted to have a sense of movement throughout the image to give a sense of severity of approaching storm.


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